Jason Wahler, former star of The Hills, was arrested for the sixth time in four years on March 19 in Newport Beach, Calif., at approximately 11 p.m. for driving while intoxicated.

What are Common Signs of Addiction?

DRUG ABUSE TREATMENT PROGRAMS: HELP IS AVAILABLE For individuals who have a history of using drugs in excess, drug abuse treatment programs provide the opportunity and the necessary tools to start life anew. WHAT IS DRUG ABUSE? Drug abuse can be defined as excessive or gratuitous use of drugs. Though using drugs is never a […]

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DRUG ADDICTION TREATMENT Drug addiction treatment functions as a safe haven for the addict, isolating him or her from environmental stresses that create the desire to use. By distancing the addict from work-related pressure, uncomfortable social situations, family conflict, and other potential triggers, the likelihood of relapse in the first stage of recovery is significantly lessened. […]

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DRUG TREATMENT CENTER: STARTING RECOVERY ON THE RIGHT NOTE Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a drug treatment center created to facilitate the physical, mental and spiritual recovery of female alcoholics and drug addicts. The homey beach-town ambiance of Safe Harbor Treatment Center is peaceful and comfortable, designed to function as a safe haven in […]

Treatment Facilities

Drug treatment centers in Southern California have become more prevalent in the last five years. Over and over, clinical studies have proven the greater efficacy of long-term treatment for drug and alcohol dependency versus short-term treatment. Across the state of California, literally hundreds of treatment centers decorate the coastline, each offering a unique twist on a […]

Drug Rehab

Long-term drug treatment programs give addicts the best chance at recovery by sheltering and nurturing them during the vulnerable early stages of sobriety. Unlike 30-day or outpatient treatment programs, long term drug treatment programs acknowledge that the disease of addiction is a deadly foe that warrants aggressive and thorough opposition. UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION Those who have […]


Alcoholism in the young adult is possible no matter what kind of background they come from– rich, poor, abusive, not abusive, functional, dysfunctional, it doesn’t matter. The disease of alcoholism is a disease of the mind which can be genetic. Alcoholism in the young adult is very difficult to deal with, especially for the families. […]

Alcohol Abuse

As alcoholics hardly ever admit their problem with alcohol and the signs of alcoholism in women can often be difficult to find, the disease of alcoholism can go untreated and multiple health problems can occur. Extreme alcohol use can cause exhaustion and short-term memory loss, as well as weakness and paralysis of the eye muscles. […]


Society has a hard time understanding the causes of alcoholism in women and why women become addicted to drugs and how they affect the brain to necessitate obsessive-compulsive abuse. Society can view the causes of alcoholism in women in addiction as being morally deficient as drug and alcohol abuse is often seen as a social […]

Alcohol Women

Alcohol abuse and women has many damaging results physically, mentally and socially. In truth, alcoholism and alcohol abuse and women is a sickness. Alcohol abuse and women is a very dangerous condition in that it can cause many problems in a person’s life and affect many aspects of their lifestyle. Alcoholism and/or alcohol abuse somehow […]