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For more than 27 years, Safe Harbor Treatment Center has been dedicated to helping people recover from substance use disorders and the underlying issues that can lead to addiction. Our goal is to restore spiritual wellbeing, self-worth, and the ability to thrive in a life of fulfillment through unconditional love, acceptance, and evidence-based treatment.

We believe that life skills are necessary for living in recovery, so we help every individual thrive during and after their stay at Safe Harbor. It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of an underlying problem.

A major component of our treatment program is a focus on discovering or rebuilding your sense of spirituality. Our nondenominational guidance encourages you to connect with your higher power for peace and strength. In addition to our comprehensive selection of traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities, we make sure each client thrives in the following practical life areas to ensure lifelong recovery.

Southern California Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Deciding to get help and enter a California drug and alcohol addiction treatment center is a courageous and powerful choice. Realizing it’s time for help puts you in the best position for a successful recovery. Full recovery is possible with the right help and finding the best rehab facility will boost the chances of reaching a healthy and successful outcome. The approach at our drug and alcohol rehab in California utilizes a variety of holistic and traditional methods to target any area of your life that does not coincide with the path to wellness. We aim to get to the underlying root of the problem and provide the skills and tools needed to regain control of your life. Contact us today at the Safe Harbor Treatment Center to speak with one of our Treatment Consultants for assistance.

Our therapeutic program offers services to restore spiritual well-being and enhance physical and mental health. We empower individuals in realizing their value, worthiness and capacity to live a life of fulfillment. Through love and encouragement, we invite growth and expansion. We aim to heal the whole person- mind, body and spirit to recover from more than just addiction.

We, the Individuals of Safe Harbor, pledge to unconditionally love and support each other from the moment we pass through the doors of Safe Harbor, and forever as alumni. We will build each other up as friends and as warriors battling addiction. We pledge to always provide a space of trust and acceptance, where we are free from shame, judgment and societal pressures.

Our primary purpose is to offer an environment of love and healing that supports individuals in transformation and a life of wholeness. Our community provides a platform for the understanding that each individual is an essential and necessary expression of life and will hold strong to the values of empathy, connection and unconditional love.

At Safe Harbor Treatment Centers, we know that addiction is a complex disease. Our professional care team treats a wide range of addictions as well as the co-occurring effects and disorders that come along with it. Safe Harbor Treatment Center stresses the importance of a long-term recovery, both physical and mental. We understand that addressing these issues is a significant part of obtaining long-term sobriety. Our treatment programs are compassionately designed to cater to people suffering from these disorders, providing them the support and tools they need to lead a cleansed and fulfilled life.







PTSD/Trauma Addiction Treatment

Men & Women Trauma Treatment

One of the biggest contributing factors to ongoing substance abuse problems is unresolved childhood or adult trauma. Without getting to the root of these unresolved problems the substance that is used to cover up the internal/emotional pain will continue to be abused. Safe Harbor Treatment Centers has been helping men and women with traumatic experiences since 1993. We will continue to help our population and treat PTSD/Trauma for a better way of living. 

Gender Specific Addiction Treatment Center

Addiction Treatment Center For Men

Getting help with addiction is hard enough by itself. The last thing a client needs is to worry about starting a relationship while in treatment when the client hardly knows themselves. Safe Harbor Treatment Center is a gender-specific program which means the men and women are kept completely separated. We believe this is the best course of action, each client needs to be able to focus on themselves while in the care of our facility. This creates more of an opportunity for continued sobriety. 

Gender Specific Addiction Treatment Center

Women's Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

As mentioned, Safe Harbor Treatment Center believes it’s best to keep the genders separated while in treatment. This creates an opportunity for each client to focus on the roots of their problems and work through them with one of our therapists. Women and men both go through some horrendous things while in active addiction, and for everyone’s best interest our programs are kept entirely separated. 

100% Free

Addition Treatment Consultation

Call our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in California today for a 100% free addiction consultation/Dual-Diagnosis consultation. All calls are completely confidential and not shared outside of our organization. 

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