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Rehab During the Holidays

10 Reasons to Get Treatment Over the Holidays

Admittedly, the idea of spending the holidays in rehab isn’t very appealing initially.  But, when contrasted with the reality of drug addiction meeting large-scale family event, it starts to look a little better.

The holidays are about love and family, and there is nothing that can make an alcoholic or addict’s family happier than the knowledge that she is turning her life around. 

The holidays are also about generosity and helping others, and the holiday season in treatment is ripe with opportunities to bring warmth into the lives of others.  We tend to be afraid to go against tradition, but building new traditions is a beautiful thing.  I’m thinking about starting one myself – Christmas caroling at treatment centers around the Orange County area.  Anyone interested?

Every alcoholic and addict reaches the point where enough is enough, and it can happen any time.  When it does, seize the window of opportunity.  Not to mention, the family might have a smoother Christmas dinner without a fall-down drunk at the table.