Therapies Offered

Therapies Offered

Therapies Offered


A Mission to Heal

We believe that life-skills are a necessity to living in recovery and want every individual to thrive during and after their stay at Safe Harbor. It is our belief that addiction is merely a symptom of an underlying problem… a “Soul Sickness.” We employ a highly trained staff, all of whom specialize in the field of addiction. Our experienced clinicians assist individuals in identifying underlying beliefs and self-destructive behaviors, which no longer serve them. Clients receive love and support while learning about how addiction works and gaining the skills and strength needed for lasting sobriety. We recognize that everyone who comes through our doors has individual gifts and strengths. By courageously exploring their past and envisioning their future, each person will move through our programs with a restored belief in themselves and the world in which they live. Safe Harbor Treatment Centers is the beginning of a return to a life of purpose and meaning.

WHat we offer

Mental Health Therapies We Offer

At Safe Harbor, we offer different levels of care to fit the needs of our clients:

Psychiatry and Medication

Every individual who participates in programming at Safe Harbor will meet with our Psychiatrist upon.

Group and Individual Therapy

We incorporate a variety of therapeutic, experiential and group offerings with individual therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is designed to engage clients in the process of becoming conscious and aware of.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is one of the most effective, evidence-based treatments available for addiction.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

DBT combines standard cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques with emotion regulation and reality testing.

Outdoor Adventure Therapy

Outdoor adventure therapy is an experiential treatment to help when used with other therapies.

Experiential Therapy

Being angry will make things worse, be calm in any situation to be more smart,.

Trauma Therapy

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that causes a range of symptoms that make it difficult.

Skill Building Programs

Clients learn about how addiction works and gain skills and strength needed for lasting sobriety.

Highly Trained Staff

He have highly trained staff who specialize in addiction and assist in recognizing underlying problems.

Years of Experience

With more than 25 years in addiction treatment and counseling, we are confident of our capabilities.