Addicted Women: Drug and Alcohol Dependence and Treatment What is addiction? Addiction is a disease of the mind and body that causes an individual to use drugs and alcohol excessively, persisting even when the results are detrimental to this individual’s life. The disease of addiction is characterized by obsession with alcohol or drug use, a […]

Treatment Facilities

Alcohol Rehab: Los Angeles and Orange County Rehabilitation With an incredible stronghold of options in alcohol rehab, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are very popular choices for rehabilitation amongst alcoholics. The reputation LA has long held as a party city may hold true in some respects, but the counter-culture of healthy balanced living that […]

Alcohol Rehab

ALCOHOL TREATMENT: LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE COUNTY RECOVERY For those in search of alcohol treatment Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have much to offer in the way of recovery resources. Though Southern California’s reputation is seeped in excess, a new health-conscious culture has developed in the region over the last two decades, which has brought with […]

Drug Addiction

ALCOHOL REHAB FOR WOMEN: SPECIALIZED RECOVERY Within the United States alone, 14 million individuals abuse alcohol or suffer from alcoholism. That comes out to one out of every thirteen adults. The disease of alcoholism is widespread, and the epidemic is not hindered by the plethora of evidence that the misuse of alcohol can have devastating […]

Treatment Facilities

Drug Dependency and Addiction Treatment: LA and Orange County Programs Though Southern California has a stronger reputation as a hub of excessive drug and alcohol use than a mecca of addiction treatment, LA and its surrounding areas have become home to some of the world’s finest rehabilitation programs. California is still home to plenty of […]

Drug Rehab

LA ADDICTION TREATMENT: DRUG ABUSE AND RECOVERY Though Los Angeles is more commonly known as a hub of active drinking and drug use, LA addiction treatment options are plentiful, comprising one of the most vibrant recovery communities in the country. UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION LA addiction treatment centers, like all effective treatment facilities, operate with a complete […]

The Different Types of Rehab Programs to Be Aware Of

ADDICTION: DRUG REHAB TREATMENT CAN WORK When dealing with a loved one facing drug addiction, drug rehab treatment is one way to help that person reclaim their lives. For the person struggling with addiction, drug rehab treatment will give them a safe haven in the early stages of recovery and help lay a solid foundation […]

Calm Body

People always say things like “think positive,” and “if you want success, envision yourself succeeding.” It may sounds like an oversimplified strategy, but in recovery, positive thinking is incredibly important. Setting your own mental tone is a way of creating the space that your psyche is going to be living in for the day. For […]

Therapies Offered

Living life on life’s terms… what exactly does that mean? Perhaps it involves making it to appointments, or at least calling the day before to cancel if we can’t be there. Perhaps it includes picking up phone calls, even when we know the caller will be requesting something of us that we’re not excited about […]