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Women and Alcohol: The Growing Problem

Alcoholism: Not Just For Men

Women and alcohol addiction is on the rise. In the past many felt that the only alcoholics were men. Over time however, many have started to notice the growing trend of women becoming alcoholics has increased. Women are under immense pressure to perform just as men are. An intricate juggling act of work and family has immerged as one of the major stressors that lead women to consume alcohol. The old saying “I need a drink to unwind” has made its way into a woman’s vocabulary just as much as men. Actually it couldn’t be farther from the truth, by drinking too much it becomes more difficult to unwind, relax or sleep. Much of the feeling of unwinding is actually in the alcoholic’s mind. Somewhat like eating your favorite comfort food makes you feel less stressed during a long hard day.

Why Women Are Turning To Alcohol

Emotional Support

Emotional support is another leading factor in an alcoholic woman. Many times women tend to lend their emotional support to others while neglecting their own, thus turning to other methods including alcohol and drugs. The same can be said for women who are battling depression, anxiety or any other mental health problem. The tendency for alcohol abuse is greater in women who battle these mental illnesses, often times it is less embarrassing to self medicate with alcohol than admit that they need treatment for depression or anxiety.

Family Dynamics

Family history plays a major factor as well. Many women who enter a long term alcohol rehab admit to having a long family history of alcoholism. A family history often times exists more for women than men. Frequently in treatment women will talk about a parent, sibling or grandparent who had a drinking problem. Many times they will openly admit to some sort of forced responsibility at a young age because of the alcoholic family member, thus leading them to relationships with alcoholics as adults.

Recovery For Women Is Possible

Whatever the reason for alcohol addiction, there are many wonderful facilities that offer drug rehab for women worldwide. These include 90 day programs and also long term alcohol rehab. A long term alcohol rehab approach for women consists of treatment that addresses emotional and situational stressors. Scratching the surface is not sufficient when trying to help a women recover from alcohol abuse. A quality drug rehab for women will address these stressors that lead to addiction head on.  Many times the rehab facility is staffed by only women. This is largely in part due to the fact the women have a higher chance of success in overcoming their addiction when they feel safe, in a warm and caring environment.

One of the many highly regarded drug rehabs for women is Safe Harbor Treatment Center. Located in Costa Mesa, California Safe Harbor’s approach is designing a specific and unique treatment program that allows for a higher successful recovery rate. Do you or a loved one have an alcohol problem and need a long term alcohol rehab specifically for women? If so please visit or email us for more information.