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Drug Intervention for Women

Drug Intervention for Women is often initiated or at least encouraged by a female addict’s family and friends, and is a necessary step in the addiction recovery process.  Drug Addiction Treatment for Women usually follows an initial intervention and can be performed by long term or short term Drug Treatment Centers for Women.  While both short and long term treatment can be effective, short term treatment of 60 to 90 days is often times not as effective overall as long term treatment tends to be.  The reason for this makes sense when we look at what treatment is supposed to accomplish.  First and foremost, Drug Addiction Treatment for Women exists to give women addicted to drugs and alcohol an opportunity to experience the possibilities that are available when living life without addiction.  This is certainly best accomplished by removing the patient from her current environment for an extended period of time.  While any time away is helpful to a point, the longer the addict is able to refrain from use and remove herself from the temptation to use, the more likely she will refrain from using in the long run.

While searching for Drug Treatment Centers for Women, it is critical that the program addresses the fact that, for women who are facing a drug or alcohol addiction, substance abuse often presents different challenges than for men with the same addiction.  Typically, these challenges fall into the categories of sociological and emotional issues, and physiological challenges often present themselves as well.  While these types of issues are obviously seen in men facing drug addiction as well as in women, they have to be handled using techniques specifically designed to be most effective with each gender.  This is why it is so important that women struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction seek out Drug Intervention for Women specifically, rather than a program that is not gender-specific.

To illustrate, consider some of the unique challenges those dedicated to Drug Addiction Treatment for Women often witness.  For example, it is not at all uncommon to observe women fighting drug addiction issues have to deal with very specific challenges that lead them to begin using drugs and alcohol, and ultimately steered them into an addiction.  One such issue that is quite a common factor in women pursuing addictive behaviors is having a history of substance abuse and addiction present in one or both of the addict’s parents.  Drug Treatment Centers for Women also find that many of the women they treat for alcohol and drug addiction suffer from various mental health problems and low self-esteem.  These factors can be particularly challenging, because they are present as both the causes of addiction, as well as the consequences of a woman’s drug or alcohol abuse.  This cyclical behavior pattern is a dynamic which is extremely destructive.

Going back to an earlier point, Drug Intervention for Women faced with a severe addiction is often best carried out by a facility based outside the addict’s home area.  California offers several Drug Treatment Centers for Women and is an excellent alternative to a local program.  One of the primary concerns for starting an addicted woman on the road to recovery is that she be given the opportunity to work on her treatment in a low stress environment, removed from the pressures of the life she is used to living.  The pressures experienced by these women ranges from family and work responsibilities, to peer and community obligations – not to mention peer pressure in many cases.  While we tend to associate peer pressure with teenagers, the fact is, adults are just as susceptible, and a desire to fit in can be a strong pull when it comes to attempting to overcome addiction.  For all these reasons, finding Drug Treatment Centers for Women in a region outside the addict’s home area is often ideal.  As an example, if a woman who lives in Philadelphia finds that her circle of friends and peers is made up of people who share her addiction to drugs, it will be very difficult for her to attempt sobriety in that environment.  On the other hand, attending a detox or rehab center in California allows her to get far away from the pressure she experiences within her peer group to abuse drugs.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women surrounded by family and friends who want to help her escape the clutches of addiction is, unfortunately, no different.  While friends and family might mean well, a structured rehab program in California or another area of the country is what will be most effective in treating her addiction.  It is not enough for her peer group to want to help a woman become sober.  The fact is, without professional drug intervention, the likelihood of long term sobriety is dismal.  No amount of convincing, pleading, or arguing will cause a woman addicted to drugs or alcohol to stop using and never look back.  In fact, these pressures often have the opposite of the desired effect.  Many women who have completed treatment report that the guilt of consuming alcohol or taking drugs, while hearing cries from family and friends to stop, often only made them try harder to hide their substance abuse, but not to quit using.  For family and friends concerned about a loved one with a drug or alcohol problem, the best course of action is to get her into one of the many well qualified Drug Treatment Centers for Women that can work with her to begin turning her life around.  These rehab programs employ well-trained staff, qualified to work with the unique needs of each patient to help her achieve a healthy, sober lifestyle for the rest of her life.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a nurturing, inviting, safe haven for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.  Located in Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor specializes in Drug Addiction Treatment for Women. Safe Harbor treats a wide range of drug addiction, and their drug detox and rehab programs are designed specifically for women. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email us today.