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Drug Treatment Centers for Women

Drug treatment centers for women offer a chance for women addicted to drugs and alcohol to finally get a handle on their addictions and begin to live a new life of sobriety.  Long term drug rehab centers, in particular, provide the environment and qualified staff necessary to help women break free from addictions.  Long term recovery is the ultimate goal of any addiction program, and these centers give women hope for the future by providing the tools they need to make it through their initial treatment, as well as teaching them ways to cope with the temptations and obstacles they will surely face once treatment at the rehab center has concluded.

Many drug rehab centers in California are particularly well suited to offer women with drug and alcohol addiction an environment that is ideal for recovery from their illness.  Quality rehab centers provide a caring, relaxed atmosphere for patients. This nurturing environment allows many women suffering from drug addicted to feel at ease dropping their defenses enough to share experiences and feelings with staff and therapy groups.  A lot of women who are considering entering long term drug rehab centers are hesitant to attend any rehab program because of a fear of not knowing what to expect. They aren’t sure what will happen to them at the treatment center or what the environment will be like.  One fear that is often voiced is that they will not be able to properly care for their children while they are away at treatment.

Some women also experience a fear of rejection from their spouse or significant other who might continue to use drugs and alcohol even after the patient has quit. In fact, in many cases, a woman’s mate is the person who first introduced her to drugs. Another concern that is common among high functioning addicted women is often expressed by those who are surrounded with people in their daily lives who don’t know they even have an addiction.  This is a reason for some women to resist going into long term drug rehab centers, for fear of what their families, friends, and co-workers may think.  Depending on the addict’s peer group and her position within the group, the stigma can either come from being an addict, or even from making an attempt to overcome her addiction.  Women sometimes find that other friends or family members who use drugs or alcohol will mock or scoff at them for attempting to overcome their addictions.

What these concerns often do not take into account is the alternative if the addict decides not to enter any of the many quality drug treatment centers for women that are dedicated to their long-term wellbeing.  Concern for their children, their family, and their peer group is perfectly normal, and this concern can be a strong factor for wanting to move past addiction.  Whatever the residual negative consequences might exist from entering drug rehab centers in California or anywhere throughout the US, they are minor compared to the consequences of the addict not receiving the treatment she needs.

Long term drug rehab centers offer focused, in-patient programs designed to serve the specific needs of women with drug and alcohol addictions.  Women looking for help to overcome addiction often find that a lot of the programs available put forward treatment plans that are not gender specific.  Every addiction to drugs or alcohol, whether experienced by a man or a woman, is obviously a very serious, and often recurring problem. Drug treatment centers for women realize that for addicted women, however, drug abuse often comes with different issues, to include sociological, emotional, and physiological challenges.  Clearly, these challenges are present in addicted men, but they need to be addressed in ways that are most effective for each gender.  This is why women who are struggling with addictions to drugs or alcohol are better served by seeking out drug treatment centers that focus on helping women find sobriety.

All credible drug treatment centers for women must completely understand and address the complex issues surrounding the treatment of addicted women.  For instance, it is typical to find that a woman with a drug abuse problem has, at some point in her life, had to face significant challenges that factored into trigging her addiction.  According to research, almost seventy percent of women with drug abuse issues have experienced histories of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or both.  Another factor which research indicates is often prominent in women with addictive behaviors is a history of drug or alcohol abuse by one or both of her parents.  Low self-esteem and mental health issues are yet more aspects that must be addressed when forming treatment plans for women with addictive behavior patterns.  These factors are characteristic of addicted women, and they can be especially challenging, as they are noticeable as reasons for an addiction as well as the results of substance abuse.  This pattern leads to a cycle of destructive behavior that is difficult to break free from.

When choosing from the available drug rehab centers in California, there several crucial factors to think about.  As mentioned above, one of the most important considerations is to choose a program hat specializes in the treatment of women with addictions. It is also critical to look for a rehab facility that offers a nurturing, calm, encouraging atmosphere in which the patient feels safe and relaxed.  The significance of these factors cannot be over-stated, as this type of an environment has the ability to produce higher success rates among drug addicted women.  And of course achieving and maintaining long term sobriety is, in the long run, the whole reason for drug and alcohol addicton treatment.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a nurturing, inviting, safe haven for women struggling with addiction. Located in Costa Mesa, California, Safe Harbor specializes in drug rehab for women. Safe Harbor treats many types of drug addiction, and their drug rehab programs are designed specifically for the needs of women. For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email us today.