Living life on life’s terms

What exactly does that mean?

Once we reach adulthood, it seems like there are always more responsibilities, and day to day challenges can become even harder when you’re in recovery from substance abuse.

Perhaps it involves making it to appointments, or at least calling the day before to cancel if we can’t be there. Perhaps it includes picking up phone calls, even when we know the caller will be requesting something of us that we’re not excited about doing.

Life as Sober Individuals

Maybe it requires doing laundry, keeping groceries stocked, cleaning toilets, and all of those other fun and not-so-fun domestic tasks. It probably includes all of these and much much more. In fact, it includes whatever life throws at you that you can’t anticipate and aren’t prepared to deal with. Instead of going and hiding behind drugs and alcohol and curling up into a ball, we have to deal with life as sober individuals.

Life on life’s terms means all that day-to-day stuff, but it especially means facing the unexpected speed bumps in life, no matter how intimidating they may be. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop throwing curve balls when we get sober. I’ve heard people say that their lives seemed to contain more disaster than ever once they sobered up.

Taking Care of What’s on Your Plate

I’m guessing it just feels that way because they are finally present in life’s little situations and making an effort to handle them, which isn’t easy. This isn’t the fun part of sobriety, but it is certainly gratifying. Taking care of what’s on our plate and not depending on others to do it or simply ignoring it may be a new action while in recovery from addiction. Although it is challenging, it is also a sign of growth and shows that new skills are being developed.


This makes it feel all the more amazing when we are able to squarely meet our obligations and work through troublesome incidents. So when things get overwhelming, try to think of it as an opportunity to practice living life on life’s terms, and look forward to the satisfaction of right living.


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