People always say things like “think positive,” and “if you want success, envision yourself succeeding.”  It may sounds like an oversimplified strategy, but in recovery, positive thinking is incredibly important.

Setting your own mental tone is a way of creating the space that your psyche is going to be living in for the day. For us addicts and alcoholics, making the mind a peaceful and happy place does not always come naturally.

Prayer and meditation are two tools that the 12 steps teach us to use to refresh our mental climate, but each person develops their own additional strategies that help them reboot and allow the mind to be a positive space.

For me personally, yoga, music, gardening, cooking, spending time with cats, and any artistic pursuits are all activities that help me regain mental balance and restore positive energy to my thoughts. For you, the list will probably be different, which is wonderful. Everyone needs to learn in recovery what things they can do to supplement their program that make them feel happy and spiritually whole.

If I don’t take action to keep my thinking positive, I can and will slip into self-loathing, laziness, and irritability, all traits that do not become me, and also feelings that once drove me to drink and use.

Remembering throughout the day to keep the mind a pleasant neighborhood, utilizing whatever tools work for you, will keep your serenity in tact, which in turn will keep your recovery strong.

So, cliche as is sounds, think positive: It will keep you sober.


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