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Drug Abuse in California

Drug Abuse in California is a significant problem, as is the case throughout the US.  When thinking about Drug Addiction in California and elsewhere, many form a picture in their minds of a street “junkie” or strung out heroin addict.  The truth is, addiction takes many forms and can strike any segment of the population without regard for social status, income level, or education.  In fact, one of the growing reasons for people seeking Drug Rehab in California is the trend toward prescription medication abuse.  Often times the people abusing these medications (or alcohol, or any other drug) are otherwise productive members of society, with jobs, families, and what many would consider to be “normal” lives.  Very often, these kinds of addictions do not begin with the addict abusing the drug of choice.  For example, someone taking pain medications for a legitimate medical reason can find themselves caught in the grips of addiction before they realize they have a problem. Experts are not sure of the reasons behind the increase of this type of drug abuse, but the ready availability of drugs is likely the primary reason.  It’s a fact that physicians are writing prescriptions for more drugs and for more health problems than ever before.  Another likely culprit is the fact that online pharmacies have made it far easier to obtain prescription drugs without a prescription.  This has even made certain drugs available to those in their teens and younger.

Another common trend that must be considered when speaking of Drug Abuse in California is the fact that women are increasingly falling victim to drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  Susan Foster, the director of policy research for the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University, says, “Substance abuse and addiction is by far the number one women’s health problem, causing illness, injury, and death, and contributing to a whole host of related social problems.”  She goes on to say that physicians are less likely to consider and diagnose addiction in women than in men.  The implications of this are that many women who are in dire need of entering a Drug Rehab in California to address an addiction to drugs or alcohol are not receiving the treatment they need.

Drug Addiction in California among women is rising faster than the rate among men, but the problem is different between men and women in several other ways too.  In fact, substantial research has brought to light the fact that the path leading to drug use, the biological and physiological effects of drugs and alcohol, and the development of abuse into drug and alcohol addiction is different for men and women.  As far back as 1974, research has indicated that women treated in drug rehab programs designed specifically for their gender showed significantly more and lasting improvement from those women treated in programs that were not gender specific.  For this reason, as women seek Drug Rehab in California, it is important that they look for a program that is designed specifically for the needs of women addicted to drugs and alcohol.

There are several recovery programs that are offered in gender-specific facilities for those struggling with Drug Abuse in California. Again, especially for women looking to start a recovery program, this is of great importance.  While men and women work and live together out in the world and share many roles, the fact remains that society as a whole tends to associate different responsibilities with each gender. It is often the case that women become addicted to drugs and alcohol based on the difficult time they are having managing the strain of balancing work and family responsibilities.  It is only through treating these underlying causes of drug and alcohol addiction that sobriety can be achieved and maintained.  Unless an addict is treated as a unique individual with her own unique experiences and triggers for abusing drugs, her chances for long-term recovery are significantly diminished.

While Drug Addiction in California is a significant problem, recent surveys show that 9 million women throughout the US have used illegal drugs at some point during last year, and nearly 4 million women have taken prescription drugs for non-medical reasons in the past year.  This movement toward women increasingly using drugs indicates there is a great need for centers providing rehab and detox services throughout the country.  However, even women struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs outside the state of California would be wise to consider Drug Rehab in California. We know that environmental stressors are a significant contributor to addiction.  For example, an addict living in Pittsburg might find herself in an abusive relationship or a work situation that is causing her addiction to worsen. In such an environment, it can be quite challenging for her to start a treatment program – especially with these ongoing stressors being a factor where she lives. This is why it becomes important to look for a program outside the home area, and a Drug Rehab in California is many times the best answer.

Placing distance between an addict’s home city and rehab is also important for effective recovery because it makes it less likely for an addict to fall back into addiction due to habitual activities and behavior.  For example, for a woman who has a habit that includes drinking at home at a certain time each day, in a certain bar, not having that opportunity available to her provides the possibility of a quicker, more complete recovery.  The sooner an addict understands and accepts that her primary mission is to concentrate on her recovery and the temptations and distractions of her usual surroundings are removed, she often will report feeling a great sense of freedom and relief.  This not only facilitates her recovery, it also gives her a memory to draw upon once she has returned to her life outside of treatment.  When an old, familiar temptation presents itself after treatment for Drug Addiction in California, the addicted woman can “go to that place” she experienced while in treatment, where she felt free of the stresses that lead to her addiction in the first place.  The feelings and emotions that she recalls can serve her, even while she is in her home environment.

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