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Long Term Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities

Long Term Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities are able to help women who suffer from dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is defined as someone who has a mental disorder and alcohol or drug addiction concurrently. A dual diagnosis is very common. Persons suffering from drug and alcohol problems may also show signs of depression, anxiety disorders, […]

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Long Term Treatment Centers

LONG TERM TREATMENT CENTERS AND THEIR ADVANTAGES When someone you love becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is natural to wish you could make them quit. Unfortunately, as difficult as it is to watch a loved one destroying themselves, the decision to quit using must be made by the addict. What you can do […]


Long Term Rehab

Long term rehab programs give addicts the best chance at recovery by sheltering and nurturing them during the vulnerable early stages of sobriety. Unlike 30-day or outpatient treatment programs, long term rehab programs acknowledge that the disease of addiction is a deadly foe that warrants aggressive and thorough opposition. UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION Those who have not […]

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90 Day Treatment Centers

90 DAY TREATMENT CENTERS: LAYING THE FOUNDATION Though 30 day addiction treatment programs have long been the status quo, studies show that 90 day treatment centers offer addicts and alcoholics significantly better odds of maintaining sobriety. UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION: Addiction is often defined incorrectly as a poor behavioral pattern, when in fact it is a chronic […]