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Recovery To-Do List

Tips to Keep You Sane While in Recovery

Concrete actions for a better recovery are a welcome change from the spiritual axioms we often hear without quite knowing what to do with them.  It’s not that these “sober proverbs” aren’t thought provoking, but profound ideas swimming around in the head can only do so much.  Action is key. 

This article breaks down some of the key actions that can be taken to improve the quality of sobriety.  Some of the items mentioned (therapy, support groups, avoiding places where people are drinking) are on the obvious side, but others (avoiding sugars, quitting cigarette smoking, setting aside time to pursue personal interests) are less often discussed.

Especially in the case of quitting cigarette smoking and improving eating habits, these are actions seldom taken by addicts and alcoholics in early recovery.  It is exciting to see suggestions like these in print because it presents hope that there are avenues that are generally not pursued that can potentially improve the quality of life for recovering addicts and alcoholics, particularly in early sobriety.