Men’s Program

Men’s Program


Men’s Program for Drug Rehab

It’s no secret that men and women are different, and that’s especially clear in the male’s experience with addiction. It’s only logical that our men’s rehab program in Orange County is distinct, addressing the unique struggles that men face when dealing with addiction. Our men’s program is individualized to each patient’s needs, and it’s designed to help men conquer addiction, rebuild themselves, and create a path to long-lasting recovery. Our drug rehab for men includes dynamic treatment modalities that heal the root cause of your addiction, including psychotherapy with licensed psychiatrists, physical activities coached by physical trainers, and internal healing led by our spiritual director.

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 It is widely understood that gender separate programming provides a space for individuals to build a support system, develop friendships, address gender-specific issues in a group/ individual therapy and gain tools giving them the best opportunity for lasting recovery.

We invite and encourage men 18 and over to begin their journey to health and wellness at Safe Harbor, our doors are always open.


Men’s Program for Healing

Safe Harbor is a sanctuary where men can disconnect from their old environment and reconnect with their truest selves.

Socialized to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient, many men hesitate to seek help for substance use disorders and mental health issues. Many are in denial that they need help or rationalize that they have control over the matter. Other times, an individual is hesitant due to perceived stigma associated with the illness. At our men’s drug rehab facility there is no stigma there is only acceptance.

Our drug rehab for men in Orange County is customized to meet their unique physiological, psychological, and emotional needs. In keeping with our success as a leader in gender specific programming, we provide a variety of treatment offerings allowing for a truly personalized approach for every man.


What Problems Do Men Face In Addiction?

Men’s struggles with addiction and co-occurring conditions are often not addressed sufficiently. To answer such a severe problem, men need their own program that’s tailored to them.

  • Men are more likely to become addicts.
  • Men are more likely to abuse prescription meds.
  • Men experience more antisocial personality disorders (which can lead to addiction).
  • Men typically have a more tolerant attitude to substance men.
  • Men are less likely to ask for help when dealing with addiction.
  • Men are more likely to fall to peer pressure.


What Happens During Our Men’s Treatment Program?


One of the first steps to a successful recovery is detox. When you are admitted, you’ll be physically assessed by our MD, and you’ll undergo a psychological evaluation. From there, you’ll transition into detoxification to remove toxins from the body and sever the chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol. During detox, men will be supported by our medical team, and we help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

Detox typically lasts 3-14 days, depending on the nature of substance abuse.


Our clinical treatment is where we really shine. Our drug rehab for men in Orange County is designed to cater to the gender-specific issues that men face during rehabilitation. In our program, we give men the lifelong tools needed to surmount addiction. Here, men will join a brotherhood of other men who are on a similar journey, receive treatment that addresses co-occurring conditions, receive guidance on rehabilitating their personal relationships, and become the best men they can possibly be.

Our residential inpatient treatment requires the client to stay at our facility where they’ll reside alongside other men in the program and will have immediate access to our master-level therapists.

Clients have 3 individual sessions per week with a dedicated case manager, one of our licensed psychiatrists, and our spiritual director. Your case manager will be your guide during your treatment and is there to provide assistance, give you resources, and facilitate your recovery. The psychiatrist is needed to help you work through any mental conditions that have pushed you into addiction. Our spiritual director gives therapy to help you become centered and mindful while rejuvenating the spirit.

Our therapies are holistic. Men will workout 4 times per week, and some of our workout sessions are held on a beach that’s only 5 miles away from the facility. Your schedule will be packed with meditation, restorative yoga, art classes, 12-Step therapy, and various physical activities. Our treatment is at the intersection of the mind, body, and spirit.


Our Aftercare program cannot be emphasized enough. After your inpatient stay is when you’ll be tested the most. Our Aftercare Plan offers continual therapy and additional resources to help you navigate the recovery process and remain accountable. Clients will have access to the program’s alumni to build connections and find resources.

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Addiction Doesn’t Define You

Our men’s rehab in California is a place where men have the space to heal. With an accepting environment, master-level clinicians, and a holistic program designed to address every modality of addiction, we help men evolve into the best version of themselves.