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Who We Help

Who We Help

Our success as a leader in gender specific programming is credited to our variety of treatment offerings, allowing for a truly personalized experience for each and every person that enters our doors.

Men and women recover differently, which is why gender separate programming proves to be more effective. This provides a safe space for women to empower one another, build a support system, develop friendships and address gender-specific issues in an understanding environment.

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Men’s Program

It’s no secret that men and women are different, and that’s especially clear in the male’s experience with addiction. It’s only logical that our men’s rehab program in Orange County is distinct, addressing the unique struggles that men face when dealing with addiction. Our men’s program is individualized to each patient’s needs, and it’s designed to help men conquer addiction, rebuild themselves, and create a path to long-lasting recovery. Our men’s program includes dynamic treatment modalities that heal the root cause of your addiction, including psychotherapy with licensed psychiatrists, physical activities coached by physical trainers, and internal healing led by our spiritual director.

Women’s Program

Addiction impacts women differently than men. It only makes sense that we use a treatment approach that’s tailored to women. At Safe Harbor, our treatment protocols for men and women are separate, allowing us to properly help women through their unique issues as they heal from addiction. Our treatment philosophy is based on providing a safe space for women to honestly confront their addiction and helping them discover their path to sobriety. This is done through a unique set of therapies that are personalized to each client. Every woman who walks through our doors feels secure, loved, and accepted. This is the promise at Safe Harbor.

Woman's Program