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Alcohol Detox for Women

Alcohol Detox for Women who have developed an alcohol addiction is offered by various Alcoholism Treatment Centers in California as well as throughout the United States and worldwide.  These centers provide a critical fist step in the process of women with an alcohol addiction turning their lives around and beginning a sober lifestyle.  While alcohol addiction in women is not a very common topic of conversation, it is an issue that deserves attention, as women becoming addicted to alcohol is an increasing problem in today’s society.  We often form a picture in our heads of an alcoholic being a man, because that is the picture that has traditionally been portrayed by movies, television, and the media.  Recognizing that women suffer from alcohol addiction, and that Alcohol Rehab Programs for Women are a needed resource for women alcoholics, is important for providing help for the growing number of women caught in the grips of alcohol addiction.

The reasons for a woman turning to alcohol, and eventually needing alcohol detox, are varied, but we can point to some common factors that are seen among many seeking Alcohol Rehab Programs for Women.  Of course it is important to keep in mind that alcoholism is quite a complex issue with several causes typically coming together to contribute to the problem.  Also, how these factors form the basis for an addiction is unique to each individual.  That said, commonalities can be found among many female alcoholics.  Women are often under enormous pressure to meet a number of important responsibilities, often including being a wife, mother, employee, friend, and more.  While women can be said to have achieved a victory in being able to pursue careers as men have always done, in many cases this career pursuit has come as an addition to, rather than a replacement for, household duties and raising children.  For this and other reasons, professional women are, according to a recent study, up to twice as likely to consume alcohol at least five days a week, and to drink greater quantities, than other women.  Having to juggle work and family obligations becomes a stress factor that often leads these women to turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism.  Drinking to relax or relieve stress is a myth though, and we know that, long term, drinking too much makes it even more difficult for a person to unwind or sleep.  So, this consumption not only does not work long term, it also often leads to alcoholism, adding yet another major stressor to the woman’s already difficult life.

It has also been shown in studies that a woman’s genetic makeup plays a part in how speedily she experiences the effects of alcohol, as well as how enjoyable consuming alcohol is for her, and even how drinking will affect her health over the long term.  There is also evidence that genetics might determine the odds that a woman will develop an alcohol dependency in the first place.  As each individual woman is considering how much and how often to drink, factors such as family history of alcohol addiction, risk of illnesses like heart diseases and breast cancer, any drugs (prescription or otherwise) she is taking, and her age are all important factors to think about.

As a woman who is facing alcohol addiction begins considering whether Alcoholism Treatment Centers in California or another geographical area are right for her, it is important for her to think about long term wellness.  While the tendency might be to find a rehab facility close to home, this is not always the best choice.  Alcohol Rehab Programs for Women that are outside the patient’s geographic region offer a chance for women with alcohol addition to get out of their home environment and into a nurturing, caring atmosphere, where recovery can more easily take place.  A key element in successful recovery from alcohol addiction is taking the alcoholic out of her home environment where she has ready access to alcohol.  Many times women who become alcoholics form peer groups made up of others who drink. Being in this kind of an atmosphere can make it very difficult to attain sobriety.  In fact peer pressure is not just for teenagers. When a person addicted to alcohol decides to make a positive life change and stop drinking, it is not uncommon for some members of her family and peer group to criticize this move.  Additionally, those who don’t understand alcohol addiction and the need for complete Alcohol Detox for Women will sometimes say things like, “Just one drink isn’t going to hurt,” or “It’s all about moderation.”  These friends and family members might not mean any harm, but they make it very difficult for the alcohol addict to change her life.  In fact, feeling a lack of emotional support can be a primary reason for an alcoholic woman choosing to drink in the first place. In order to get out of this non-supportive environment and into an atmosphere conducive to long term sobriety, many make the wise decision to enter Alcohol Rehab Programs for Women.

Many of these women find alcohol rehab and detox in California to be an ideal option for starting over with a life of health and sobriety.  With its warm sunshine and closeness to the Pacific Ocean, California is quite a peaceful, tranquil location to begin a new, sober lifestyle.  Going through a program outside and alcoholic’s home region also allows for stronger relationships to be formed between the client and the facility’s staff members, because the alcoholic being treated lives, eats and sleeps at the facility for her entire stay.  This helps aid in the recovery process, because the more a patient is able to relax and share during treatment, the more effective the treatment can be.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is located in Costa Mesa, California and is a gender-specific treatment center, specializing in Alcohol Detox for Women. Safe Harbor addresses the specific needs of women who are suffering from alcohol addiction and is a women-only staffed facility that offers many services to aid in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

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