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Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women

Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women is a topic that deserves a lot of attention.  When women decide to seek help for their drug addictions on their own, they have clearly taken a very large, brave, and crucial first step in the recovery process.  Admitting that they have a problem and need help to overcome that problem is not usually an easy transition though.  Very often, a woman is not ready to admit she has an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  In these instances, it is common for friends and family members to naturally be concerned for the addict’s wellbeing and want to help in some way.  With this spirit of helping in mind, the addict’s peers and family will try a number of approaches to get her to stop using drugs.  Before recommending Detox Treatment Programs for Women, they often begin with reasoning with the addicted person, attempting to use logic to show how her substance abuse is harming her physically, mentally, and socially.  As proof of this harm, they will often point out health issues, days missed from work, neglectful parenting, or any other number of consequences of abusing drugs and alcohol.

Because Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women is not well understood by the general public, when the self-preservation approach fails, another common tactic of well-meaning family and friends is to use guilt.  Pointing out the same consequences, family members, especially, will attempt to guilt the person into quitting the use of whatever substances they are using.  They might say things like, “How can you do this to me?” or “How can you do this to your kids?”  The addict might also often hear, “Look at what you’re doing to yourself and your family.”  If she is from a religious background, this might also be held out as a reason to quit using.  The guilt of disappointing God is something that many family members might use to try and get the woman addicted to drugs to quit.


Even though it is well known that there are high quality Drug Recovery Programs in California and elsewhere, those around an addict will often continue to attempt to “fix” her.  When guilt and common sense don’t work to make addicted women quit using drugs and alcohol, another course of action employed by many people is threats.  Threatening to have her kids removed from her home is something some friends and family members will try.  If the addict has a significant other, that person might threaten to leave her as well.  Even the threat of admitting her into one of the available  Detox Treatment Programs for Women can be held over an addict’s head to get her to stop using.


There is a very good reason none of the tactics outlined above work very well long term, when it comes to Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women.  The fact is, an addict simply cannot be convinced to stop using; she cannot be guilted into quitting; threats are also ineffective for producing long-term sobriety.  As stated earlier, admitting the presence of a problem and the need for help to address and overcome that problem are absolutely necessary steps in the recovery process.  In other words, until an addict truly wants to change her behavior and is willing to do what it takes to transition to a life of sobriety, there is little hope of “making” her change.  That does not mean, however, that there is no way to help a woman with a drug or alcohol problem.  In fact, professional, guided intervention is a method that has seen remarkable results.

One point that is critical to understand when talking about Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women is that substance abuse, for many women, is seen by the addict as a solution, not a problem.  In other words, the problem is the underlying reason why she drinks or takes drugs, not the alcohol or drugs themselves.  This is why, while looking for Drug Recovery Programs in California or anywhere else, it is so important that the Detox Treatment Programs for Women understand that for women who are struggling with addiction, drug or alcohol abuse often presents different challenges.  These usually include sociological and emotional issues and physiological challenges as well.  While issues such as these are present in men afflicted with addiction too, they need to be dealt with in ways that are most successful for each gender.  For this reason, women who find themselves in the grips of addiction should look for drug treatment programs that deal with this fact.

There are often complex issues surrounding the treatment of addicted women, and Detox Treatment Programs for Women absolutely must wholly understand these complexities. It is, for instance, quite common to see women with drug abuse issues who have dealt with difficult challenges that lead them to begin using drugs and alcohol, ultimately leading to an addiction. Research has been presented in recent years, in fact, that shows nearly 70% of women with drug addiction have reported a history of physical and/or sexual abuse.  Another common issue that often directs women toward addictive behaviors, is a history of alcohol or drug abuse by one or both of her parents.  Other important factors that have to be considered when thinking of Drug Addiction and Intervention for Women are low self-esteem and various mental health problems.  These are very often factors in women who turn to drug abuse, and they can be especially challenging, due to the fact that they present as both causal agents and consequences of the woman’s drug abuse.  This dynamic of cause and effect can often lead to a cyclically destructive behavior pattern.


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