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Affordable Drug Rehab for Women

Affordable Drug Rehab for Women isn’t as difficult to find as one might imagine.  There are a number of very high quality Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women that offer the kind of treatment needed by women addicted to drugs and alcohol, which provide services on a sliding scale or on payment plans.  In fact, some Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California, providing the very best care available anywhere, are among those willing to work with women whose finances do not allow them to pay the entire treatment bill up front.  If this was not the case, it would be virtually impossible for most women addicted to drugs or alcohol to enroll in and complete a drug treatment program.  After all, the costs of addiction can be measured in many ways, and when a woman is in need of drug detox and treatment, it is very often the case that she has hit bottom with regard to health, social standing, and finances.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women present an opportunity for women with drug and alcohol addiction to overcome their illnesses and begin down the path of recovery without the stressors of everyday life at home.  Affordable Drug Rehab for Women is a critical component in this recovery journey.  Replacing the stress of daily life with the stress of paying for treatment would not allow the woman going through treatment to focus fully on getting well.  And a vital part of finding success with drug and alcohol treatment is having the ability to progress through the program unencumbered by outside stresses, to the greatest degree possible.  A comfortable, largely stress-free environment allows an addict to relax and open up about her addiction and the factors that led her to begin using drugs or alcohol in the first place.  The more the patient is able to share feelings and work through the core issues behind her addiction, the easier recovery is, and the higher the chance that recovery will be lasting.  Whether in a group setting, during one-on-one counseling, or during quite reflection time alone, the more at ease a client is, the more therapeutic her time in Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California – or anywhere else – will be.

The vast majority of women with a drug or alcohol addiction are not able to conquer this deadly illness on their own.  Seeking help from qualified Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women is the very best way to get the help needed.  The key to long term success is clearly treatment, and one can only fully understand this after understanding the nature of the disease of addiction.  Even once this fact is realized, it is important to note that programs vary widely, and there is no one program that is best suited for all individuals.  A good rehab program will address all the needs of each individual, make sure the addict remains in treatment for a sufficient length of time, provide counseling, behavioral therapies, and medication as needed, and address any mental disorders that coexist with the patient’s addiction.  The best programs will also offer a quality, consistent after care program to follow up with the recovering addict once her primary treatment has ended.  So it is clear that Affordable Drug Rehab for Women is about so much more than price. Treatment is about much more than the proper management of physical withdrawal symptoms as well.  Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women focus on helping the addict take the steps necessary for taking control of her life.   A part of this process is learning to manage cravings for addictive substances as well as understanding the factors related to why she acts out and uses drugs or alcohol.

Without intervention from family, friends, or sometimes the law, most women suffering from drug and alcohol addiction would not seek treatment on their own.  It is often a result of some traumatic effect of the addiction that an addict or her family finally looks to outside help for her problem.  The loss of a job, a legal entanglement, divorce, or physical issues can be some of the reasons a woman ultimately turns to Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California for help.  In other cases, a family or legal intervention forces a woman into treatment.  Whatever the reason for entering a drug or alcohol rehab program, treatment typically means an extended stay at a residential treatment facility, which can last from one month to as long as a year.  Short term facilities typically cap stays at 90 days.

Upon entering Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women, patients go through a comprehensive evaluation.  This evaluation assesses the patient to determine her personal and medical history so that a plan can be devised to help her achieve a new sober lifestyle.  During a period of drug detox or alcohol detox, and for the remainder of her stay in the facility, the patient will usually attend group and individual therapy sessions, as well as 12 step meetings.  Mental health counseling, lectures, and exercise time is also incorporated into the client’s schedule at the center.  Another important aspect of treatment is education.  Educating the patient about addiction and alcoholism is critical for helping to determine her own reasons for using and abusing drugs or alcohol.  It also helps her to finally see the impact her use of these substances has had on her and those around her, like family, friends, co-workers, and society in general.  All of these components are designed to work together to help the addict live a life free of drugs and alcohol after the program has concluded.

Again, finding an Affordable Drug Rehab for Women is not only very possible – it is quite necessary for any woman in the grips of alcohol or drug addiction.  Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is a warm, inviting, safe haven for addicted women, located in Costa Mesa, California. In fact, Safe Harbor is considered one of the premier Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers for Women.  For more information on drug rehab centers in California visit or email us today.