Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation programs offer those addicted to drugs and alcohol an opportunity to first detox from these substances, and then work toward long term recovery from their addictions.  Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs provide a structured method by which addicts are coached and counseled to help themselves break free from the bonds of their disease.  And make no mistake, alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases.  An addict can no more simply decide to be sober for the rest of his or her life any more than a diabetic can decide to produce more insulin.  The disease of addiction is complex and difficult to overcome, but it can be conquered through Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation.

Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California are a great option for anyone ready to triumph over addiction.  These programs are designed to help deal with past, current, and future emotional aspects of a drug or alcohol addict’s life.  Many of the Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs available in California serve women only.  It is well understood in the addiction treatment community that a women-only recovery program is the best solution for a female addict to achieve long term sobriety.  This is particularly the case when the addicted woman is dealing with past emotional, physical, or sexual abuse issues – and even more important when the abuse was perpetrated by a male.  A facility offering Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation that is staffed by women only is a better choice for women with addiction problems, as they tend to feel more at ease in such an environment.  These rehab centers provide a wide range of programs designed to help a woman obtain and maintain a lifestyle of sobriety.  For example, many such programs offer family counseling, job training, classes on parenting, continuing education, and a lot more.

Another common offering at Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California specializing in women addicts is a program that introduces new clients to women who are currently going through, or have achieved, recovery from addiction.  These women stand as examples to new patients who often need to see that sobriety is possible.  To a woman not sure of her own ability to quit using drugs or alcohol, encouragement and inspiration can be found in the stories of women much like her.  Many people struggling with addiction and attending Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs feel, at first, as though  they are the only ones in the world who have gone through experiences similar to their own, and knowing that others have felt the same pain and were able to overcome it, is sometimes what is needed most.  In fact, meeting and speaking with another woman who shares her life struggles is often an important turning point in an addict’s process of recovery.

A fear of the unknown is a very common concern among women first entering Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs, because they don’t know what to expect during treatment, and they are often apprehensive about what will happen at home while they are gone, as well.  Their inability to care for their children or to keep their employment are common, and very understandable, concerns.  A fear of rejection, from their spouse or significant other, or from friends and peers, is also a frequent fear that is voiced. In fact, when it is a husband, boyfriend or friend who introduced the addict to drugs or alcohol in the first place, and when that person is still using, they might indeed feel rejection at the very idea of entering a detox and rehab program.  Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation centers that cater to the specific needs of women struggling with addiction recognize these issues and provide a caring, nurturing, comfortable environment.  This atmosphere allows women with drug and alcohol addiction issues to feel relaxed, which helps to lower stress levels associated with the fears of entering rehab, making these women less defensive and more willing to share.  It is through sharing and talking through past and current issues that recovery begins to take place, so providing this environment of safety and comfort is critical.

It is also vital that all Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in California recognize the specific needs of women entering their programs.  While men and women are both susceptible to addiction, and both can find recovery through Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs, the stressors and factors that lead men and women to use and become addicted to drugs and alcohol are typically quite different.  To illustrate this point, consider that as many as seventy percent of women addicted to alcohol or drugs have experienced physical or sexual abuse at some point in their lives.  This fact points to this unfortunately common occurrence as being a possible root cause of addiction in many women and must be addressed as such.  In an environment that treats both men and women, this and other unique factors that contribute to addiction in women cannot be focused on fully, in a way that promotes meaningful progress toward recovery.

When choosing a long term Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation program, it is critical to keep all of these factors in mind.  It is a fact that not all rehab programs are created equal, and no one program is right for everyone.  That said, the goal of every drug or alcohol recovery program should be to help addicts achieve long term recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.  This goal can only be accomplished by Alcohol and Drug Recovery Programs that understand and adhere to the principles outlined above.

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