10 Sober Activities After Rehab

Successfully completing a drug treatment program is a huge accomplishment. Through your hard work and determination, you were able to address and overcome your addiction’s underlying causes. While you look forward to creating this new and exciting life in recovery, you will have many challenges. One of the biggest challenges you will face in your newfound recovery is finding sober activities to fill your day. Finding fun, sober activities is crucial in minimizing the chance of relapse.

Why Do People Relapse?

It may be unpleasant to think about, but relapse is a normal part of recovery. It is estimated that 40 to 60 percent of people in recovery will relapse in their lifetime. There are several significant reasons why people relapse and start using drugs and alcohol. One reason why people may relapse is that they still hang around with people who still actively use substances. It is often said that misery loves company, and using friends will find ways to lure those in recovery back to drugs and alcohol.

Another common reason for relapse is overconfidence in recovery. For those new in recovery, there is a period where everything seems to be firing on all cylinders. Often, they feel strong, confident, and will feel “bulletproof.” However, this confidence may turn into overconfidence, and they may start slacking in working their individual program of recovery. All it takes is one bad decision or being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they can relapse.

A third main reason people relapse is having too much free time on their hands. People spend their free time procuring, using, and recovering from their daily substance use before recovery. Once recovered, people are left with a lot of free time on their hands. It is often said that idle time is the devil’s plaything, and this is true for those early in recovery. Having too much time on one’s hands may allow thoughts of use to take up space in one’s thoughts. If left unchecked, those thoughts can run riot—and can create a situation where it can lead to relapse.

How Can Sober Activities Prevent Replase?

In many ways, recovery is about rebuilding your life. Without substances, you have to find out who you really are and how you fit in the world around you. Pursuing sober fun activities is a healthy way to explore yourself while connecting with others. You can rekindle your love of old hobbies you used to love before addiction took hold of your life. Importantly, you can find new hobbies and passions that can fill your time and expand your horizons.

10 Sober Activities After Rehab


Engaging in regular exercise releases dopamine which is your brain’s natural “feel good” chemical. You can join a gym, take up a martial art, or just go for a daily walk or bike ride. No matter the exercise, you will feel a tremendous mood boost, and it will lift your spirits.

Joining an Intramural Sports League

If you love exercise and looking to take it a step further, joining an intramural sports league is a fun sober activity you can consider. Joining a basketball, softball, or flag football team will connect you with others—some who also may be in recovery.


By not using drugs and alcohol, you can save significant amounts of money. Why not take some of the money you would be saving and go on an adventure. Take a sober friend or someone in your support circle and take a trip. It can be to another part of the county or even another part of the world.

Go Back to School

Another fun, sober activity to try is taking a course at your local college. Maybe you want to finish school or enroll and become a full-time student. Going back to school is a great way to explore and find new passions.


Volunteering is an excellent sober activity to complement your recovery. Giving of your time to others not only helps them, but it also bolsters your self-esteem and self-worth.

Be Creative

Take up painting, sculpture, or other forms of art. Take up the guitar, write poetry, or take singing lessons.

Start a Social Group

Form a group with family, friends, and others supportive of your recovery. Start a book club, movie club, or cooking club. These fun sober activities don’t have to involve drugs and alcohol for you to enjoy.

Explore Your Town

Take the time to see the sights you missed in your town when you were actively using drugs. Visit museums, see plays and concerts, and take in local attractions.

Read a Book

Reconnect with the simple pleasures in life and pick up a book. Diving into a book will provide you with an hour or two of escape and keep your mind off using drugs and alcohol.

Attend a Sober Event

In the last few years, sober-oriented events like sober bars and similar “pop-up” events have appeared across the country. If such an event happens in your town, grab some sober friends and enjoy a night of non-alcoholic “mocktails.”

Are You Looking to Minimize Replase in Your Recovery?

Have you completed treatment, and looking for ways to minimize relapse in your recovery? Safe Harbor House offers inpatient treatment and other aftercare options that will help you refine your relapse prevention skills. If you feel you are slipping in your recovery, our expert and compassionate staff will get you back on track. Call Safe Harbor House toll-free today and find the fun and happiness that sobriety has to offer.

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