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ORANGE COUNTY TREATMENT CENTER: Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is the premiere Orange County treatment center for women suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. At Safe Harbor, women have the opportunity to heal the wounds inflicted by addiction and move forward into a healthy and rewarding new life.

Safe Harbor’s 90-day rehab program constitutes the beginning of this new life. The first month of treatment, an extremely difficult period for a newly sober addict or alcoholic, is highly structured, ensuring that clients absorb a plethora of information about how to succeed in recovery. After the initial discomfort of being in new surroundings wears off, clients find themselves amongst a loving and nurturing family of women, all fighting to better their lives. As members of this warm community, clients begin to engage in their own program of recovery by making commitments to help out at 12-step meetings and becoming active mentors to women newer to sobriety than themselves. 


It is extremely helpful in early recovery to place some geographical distance between the addict and her drug-using network. Relocation alone is not enough to ensure sobriety, but it can be a significant factor in successful recovery. Taking people, places and things that addicts associate with using out of the picture for a while insulates them from potential triggers and allows them to focus on recovery. Selecting an Orange County treatment center does just that for women from all over the country.

Since addicts and their families often decide that relocation is a good idea, many of them choose California for its combination of reputable rehabilitation options and uplifting weather. An Orange County treatment center has the added appeal of the ocean, which has long been viewed as a soothing and healing natural force. Located just a bike-ride from the beach, Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women offers an idyllic backdrop for recovery.

Safe Harbor’s Costa Mesa location is also the prime location for a second reason. The Newport – Costa Mesa area offers the most 12-step meetings of any single region in the world, New York and Los Angeles included. The recovery community is everywhere in the city, giving Costa Mesa something of a small-town feel. Women who move into Safe Harbor’s sober living houses after completing the 90-day treatment program will find that they know a barista in every Starbucks, a cashier in their favorite local shops, and a server at all the neighborhood restaurants – all through the 12-step network. Only an Orange County treatment center can offer this amazing resource.


Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women is not the only Orange County treatment center, but its strong and connected community sets it apart from all others. Women who complete the 90-day treatment program find that their peers become some of the closest friends they have ever had, and the staff become inspiring role models. More often than not, women who come through the treatment program choose to move into one of Safe Harbor’s sober living houses, and many continue on to become staff members themselves. The bonds formed within the Safe Harbor community are incredibly strong, and hold fast through thick and thin. Any woman who goes through the treatment program will always have a home at Safe Harbor, and a family of sober women to support her.


As the premiere Orange County treatment center, Safe Harbor’s 90-day treatment program employs a combination of structured groups, individual counseling, uplifting social activities and opportunities to practice life skills. Educational groups focus on a wide variety of topics, including relapse prevention, healthy relationships, body image and eating disorders. In these groups women have the opportunity to share their experiences, and counselors help them learn how to approach these areas of their lives with healthier thinking.

More psychologically provocative groups like hypnotherapy and experiential therapy are also a part of the program. These groups, in combination with individual therapy, help to unearth and address core issues that preempted alcohol and drug abuse. For most alcoholics and drug addicts, there was an identifiable condition or experience in childhood or adolescence that made escape via drugs and alcohol such a tempting prospect. Preexisting psychological conditions like anxiety disorder, chronic depression and PTSD are common examples. Loss of a family member, physical or sexual abuse, and ostracism by peers at school are also common reasons that a woman will turn to drugs and alcohol. These experiences themselves are not what makes a person an alcoholic or drug addict, but the inability to cope with them in a healthy manner is one of addiction’s defining characteristics.  By using therapy as a tool to begin working through these repressed issues, addicts and alcoholics can achieve the freedom that they tried to access through substances.

Though it is sometimes ignored as an aspect of recovery, learning (or re-learning) practical life skills is crucial.  For younger women who may never have learned some of these skills, buying groceries, cooking for themselves, doing laundry, and keeping track of their own money are new and unfamiliar tasks.  Learning how to do these things helps these younger women feel confident about stepping into a sober adulthood. For women who did at one point possess these life skills, drugs and alcohol often stood in the way of self-sufficiency, making it useful to re-learn them in a controlled setting.

Relaxing social activities punctuate all of this difficult “growing,” making sure that the women in Safe Harbor’s treatment program understand that sobriety has plenty to offer in the way of fun. Hikes along the cliffs of the Newport coast, afternoons at the beach, family dinners, and bi-monthly trips to the spa for manicures and pedicures keep life enjoyable at Safe Harbor’s Orange County treatment center.

For women who need to put down roots in a new location, an Orange County treatment center offers the ideal setting, and Safe Harbor offers a multifaceted program of recovery coupled with unparalleled community support.