Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women are available from a number of qualified facilities throughout California and the United states.  These programs typically offer intervention services, detox (including, in some cases, rapid detox), and short or long term Drug Addiction Programs for Women.  While the first steps in most programs include intervention and detox, these truly are only the first steps on a long road to Drug Addiction Recovery, for Women with drug or alcohol addiction.  Even though the initial process of getting off addictive substances is often thought of as “the hard part,” the real work begins after the offending substances are out of the drug addicted woman’s body.  Hollywood tends to portray the awful affects of withdrawal from addictive substances, such as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol, and there is no doubt that withdrawal symptoms can be quite difficult to get through.  Still, even after the withdrawal symptoms have passed, qualified Drug Addiction Programs for Women know that the fight far from over.

Drug Addiction Recovery for Women must involve getting to the root of a woman’s addiction, if she has any hope for living a sober, healthy lifestyle.  Time and time again, Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women see women go through a detox period and perhaps a short term stay in a drug addiction recovery center, only to see them return six months or a year later, needing another detox or intervention.  Why is this so?  Until a woman is able and willing to work through the reasons she uses and abuses drugs and alcohol, she is likely doomed to the life of an addict.  Drug Addiction Programs for Women that only include quick detox, without proper, comprehensive counseling and follow up, are not effective, because they treat symptoms, not causes.  It is akin to taking headache medicine for a brain tumor.  It might appear as though everything is better for a short while, but the cause of the pain has not been addressed, so it is destined to return.

Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women, that fully understand the concept of treating the whole person, provide Drug Addiction Programs for Women that are far more effective for helping women overcome their addictions for good and go on to live happy, sober lives.  These programs offer a wide range of drug counseling and psychological counseling services, job training, group therapy, and continuing education opportunities.  Women are nurtured and cared for in a low stress, positive environment, where they feel comfortable sharing and working through their addictions and the factors that led them to their current lifestyle.  One key for success when it comes to Drug Addiction Recovery for Women is helping women to share freely, without the stress and worry of home.  Many women come into addiction through the use of drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with a very stressful home life.  Everything from job pressures and parenting, to dealing with an abusive partner or financial difficulties can play a role in leading a woman to begin using addictive substances.  So it is important for Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women to provide an atmosphere that allows a woman the necessary time and comfort to work through her addiction issues in as stress free a way as possible.

It is also important for centers providing Drug Addiction Recovery for Women to maintain an environment specifically focused on the needs of women.  Nearly everything about a woman’s addiction is different from that of a man.  From the reasons for initially using drugs or alcohol, to the speed and severity with which they become addicted, to the physiological and psychological affects these substances have on a woman, their experience is unlike what men experience.  Life history also plays a different role in addiction for men and women.  For example, close to seventy percent of women addicted to drugs or alcohol have lived through some form of physical or sexual abuse.  This and other causal agents differ in men and women.  Because of this statistic alone, Drug Addiction Programs for Women must provide a safe haven for female addicts.  As mentioned previously, a key element of recovering from addiction is being able to open up enough to explore and work through past issues that might have led to or intensified the use of drugs or alcohol.  If a woman does not feel comfortable and safe in her environment, she is highly unlikely to share and explore feelings.  So, if, for example, a woman is assigned to a male therapist at a facility providing Drug Addiction and Intervention Services for Women and men, and if she was abused by a man in her past, the chances of her making meaningful progress toward recovery are severely diminished.  For this reason, many such facilities are staffed by women only.

When considering the possibility of entering one of the many available Drug Addiction Programs for Women, another factor that is important to keep in mind is location.  Because a goal of the program should be to provide a safe environment, free from home pressures, considering a drug treatment center in California might make a lot of sense.  Not only can removing an addict from her current environment help to deal with stress from her everyday life; it also has the benefit of removing her from a routine that includes using whatever substances she is addicted to.  As an example, if it is part of a woman’s routine to go to a particular bar each day after work, being far removed from that option takes the temptation out of play and allows the addict and those dedicated to Drug Addiction Recovery for Women to focus on her getting sober and healthy.

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