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Attitude of Gratitude

Recovery is difficult, especially early recovery. It can be difficult to see past the guilt, shame, and depression that we can become engulfed in. It can be easy to resign into misery. Our view on life has been altered by drinking and drugs.

“Practicing an attitude of gratitude made all the difference.”

Becoming sober and having feelings that are unadulterated by drugs can be overwhelming. We have become so used to viewing life negatively. In order to stay sober, it was important to shift from viewing life in such a negative light. Practicing an attitude of gratitude made all the difference. It has a magical way of shifting a perspective.  


It can be easy to become fixated on the beginning of the rough road to recovery. How it may seem impossible to stay sober. Times like this is when it’s important to find positivity in adversity. Sometimes when we are focusing on one negative element of our lives, it is easy to miss the good that is going on around us. Living in gratitude is a shift of perception that is powerful. The way in which we choose to see the world is a choice. Sometimes it is difficult to shake off the negativity and that is when a gratitude list helps to refocus on the positive. A useful format to guide a gratitude list could be to list:  
  • 3 good things that happened today
  • 3 things that you are grateful for
  • 3 things that you are looking forward to in the near future
    This helps to show that there is good in the present and that there will be good in the future. Experiencing and practicing gratitude in recovery is a gift.  

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