Alcoholism In the Young Adult

Alcoholism in the young adult is possible no matter what kind of background they come from– rich, poor, abusive, not abusive, functional, dysfunctional, it doesn’t matter. The disease of alcoholism is a disease of the mind which can be genetic. Alcoholism in the young adult is very difficult to deal with, especially for the families. […]

Alcohol Abuse

Signs of Alcoholism in Women

As alcoholics hardly ever admit their problem with alcohol and the signs of alcoholism in women can often be difficult to find, the disease of alcoholism can go untreated and multiple health problems can occur. Extreme alcohol use can cause exhaustion and short-term memory loss, as well as weakness and paralysis of the eye muscles. […]


Causes of Alcoholism in Women

Society has a hard time understanding the causes of alcoholism in women and why women become addicted to drugs and how they affect the brain to necessitate obsessive-compulsive abuse. Society can view the causes of alcoholism in women in addiction as being morally deficient as drug and alcohol abuse is often seen as a social […]

Alcohol Women

Alcohol Abuse And Women

Alcohol abuse and women has many damaging results physically, mentally and socially. In truth, alcoholism and alcohol abuse and women is a sickness. Alcohol abuse and women is a very dangerous condition in that it can cause many problems in a person’s life and affect many aspects of their lifestyle. Alcoholism and/or alcohol abuse somehow […]


Women Drug and Alcohol

Addicted Women: Drug and Alcohol Dependence and Treatment What is addiction? Addiction is a disease of the mind and body that causes an individual to use drugs and alcohol excessively, persisting even when the results are detrimental to this individual’s life. The disease of addiction is characterized by obsession with alcohol or drug use, a […]

Treatment Facilities

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab: Los Angeles and Orange County Rehabilitation With an incredible stronghold of options in alcohol rehab, Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are very popular choices for rehabilitation amongst alcoholics. The reputation LA has long held as a party city may hold true in some respects, but the counter-culture of healthy balanced living that […]

Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles

ALCOHOL TREATMENT: LOS ANGELES AND ORANGE COUNTY RECOVERY For those in search of alcohol treatment Los Angeles and its surrounding areas have much to offer in the way of recovery resources. Though Southern California’s reputation is seeped in excess, a new health-conscious culture has developed in the region over the last two decades, which has brought with […]

Drug Addiction

Alcohol Rehab for Women

ALCOHOL REHAB FOR WOMEN: SPECIALIZED RECOVERY Within the United States alone, 14 million individuals abuse alcohol or suffer from alcoholism. That comes out to one out of every thirteen adults. The disease of alcoholism is widespread, and the epidemic is not hindered by the plethora of evidence that the misuse of alcohol can have devastating […]