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The disease of alcohol and drug dependency is a chronic condition that causes individuals to persistently abuse substances despite severe negative consequences.

Those addicted to drugs or alcohol usually experience certain telltale symptoms, namely increase in tolerance (needing to ingest more substances to achieve the desired affect), and physical withdrawal symptoms when the body is deprived of drugs or alcohol. Addiction is also typically characterized by multiple failed attempts at reducing or eliminating consumption.

In many cases, genetic predisposition is a key factor in addiction. However, situational influences also play a significant role in deciding whether a person becomes dependent on drugs or alcohol. Not all individuals with a family history of alcoholism or addiction are doomed to this fate. Conversely, a person whose family tree does not include a history of addiction is not immune to the disease.


Once addicts come to terms with the fact that alcohol and drugs are destroying their lives, they are in a position to reach out for help. This moment of surrender is a powerful window of opportunity. The feeling of powerlessness in the face of drugs and alcohol gives way to a willingness to do anything for a chance at a better life.

This willingness is essential, as the first stage of sobriety is far less than enjoyable. Detoxification from substances is both physically and emotionally painful, and is best overseen by medical professionals. The withdrawal symptoms addicts and alcoholics experience when they cease to ingest substances are severe, and without the assistance of a detox facility, they can be dangerous. It is also likely that addicts who try to endure these symptoms alone will end up drinking or using to ease the pain, placing them back at square one. In a medical detox facility, addicts and alcoholics can be closely monitored during the withdrawal phase, and administered medications that help make the process more tolerable. Detoxification is the first step of any drug treatment program, and must be immediately followed by treatment in order to be effective.


Once substances have been cleared from the system, the real work begins. Rehabilitation and treatment programs offer a multifaceted approach to working through psychological and emotional barriers to sobriety.

When selecting a treatment program, addicts and their families have the opportunity to choose a facility located away from home. Putting some geographical distance between the site of decline into addiction and the site of recovery can be refreshing and rejuvenating. This distance acts as insulation between the addict and familiar people, places and situations that might trigger the desire to use or drink.

When the decision is made to enter treatment in a new location, addicts and their families often opt for rehab programs in Southern California. With a multitude of reputable treatment centers to choose from, as well as the uplifting sunshine, the golden state is an ideal place to start a sober life. Rehab programs in Southern California have the added appeal of proximity to the ocean, long regarded as a natural healing force by cultures across the globe.


There are so many rehab programs in Southern California to choose from, that female addicts and alcoholics have the option of choosing a treatment program designed exclusively for women. A gender specific treatment program can be a huge asset. Alcoholism and addiction are often accompanied by a history of abuse, as well as poor body image and sex and love addiction.  Issues such as the aforementioned need to be worked through in order to maintain sobriety, and can only be addressed in a safe space where women can speak openly.  An all-women’s environment also ensures that residents remain focused on recovery, as romantic relationships can be tempting distractions in early recovery when addicts are still craving escape from themselves.


Highly regarded by addiction professionals, Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women stands out amongst the sea of rehab programs in Southern California. Located in Costa Mesa, Safe Harbor’s treatment center is a haven by the beach where female alcoholics and addicts rediscover themselves with the help of a loving and nurturing support system.

Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women utilizes a multilateral recovery program which aims not only to help women quit drinking and using, but also to help them make crucial changes in many areas of their lives.  Most addicts can succeed in staying sober throughout a 90-day treatment program, but many falter once they return to unsupervised living. Safe Harbor differentiates itself from other rehab programs in Southern California by focusing on careful reintegration into society via gradual step-downs in structured supervision.

There may be other rehab programs in Southern California that offer a rich array of treatment techniques, but Safe Harbor is at the front of the pack.  Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women teaches addiction basics like understanding and preventing relapse, as well as skills needed to lead a healthy life.  Groups that focus on healthy relationships, body image, eating disorders, nutrition and exercise help women fill out their new design for living.

By far the most notable distinction between Safe Harbor Treatment Center for Women and other rehab programs in Southern California is the presence of a tight-knit community. Most women who complete Safe Harbor’s 90-day treatment program choose to remain in the area and move into one of five associated sober living homes. While they are residents in sober living, Safe Harbor women take it upon themselves to return to the treatment center to welcome new generations of Safe Harbor women and become mentors to them. Many of these women go on to become staff members because they are profoundly affected by the opportunity to reach out to women who are going through what they survived.  This cycle of addict helping addict makes Safe Harbor a true community – a sisterhood of women who are growing together and embracing the opportunity to live a healthy life.

A family like this cannot help but shine amidst the multitude of business-minded rehab programs in Southern California. Join our family today and get the help you want and need for yourself or your loved one.