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Jason Wahler Arrested for DUI…Again

Jason Wahler, former star of The Hills, was arrested for the sixth time in four years on March 19 in Newport Beach, Calif., at approximately 11 p.m. for driving while intoxicated.

Video tape taken a week prior to this arrest shows the actor being handcuffed by police in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after a fight broke out at a local nightclub. 

In 2007, Wahler was accused of battery and sentenced to 60 days in jail. Instead of serving his time, he was allowed to complete a stint in an inpatient treatment center. Also in 2007, he served 18 days in the slammer for assaulting a minor while intoxicated.

Wahler has said that he is prone to blackouts while drinking, and it’s not hard to believe. But the sad part about this is that there are certainly steps that he can take to end this madness.

For those who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction as Wahler is and don’t want to keep digging their own grave, entering a drug and alcohol treatment center that is based off the 12-step recovery program is a special opportunity to get your life back.

It’s never too late to start a program of recovery. Are you ready to find some serenity?